My Hips Don't Lie.


I know what you’re thinking, “well it’s about effing time. ” and I know. And agree. I’m the worst.
BUT AMAF (as us locals call it) (feel free to call it that also because the title gets long) (it can save you time) has had a great run at places like Napa Valley Film Festival, Playhouse West Film Festival, San Luis Obispo Film Festival and now its time to show YOU.

This is all I ask-
That you all would be so kind and support our future projects (if you like us!) by watching AMAF.
Usually everything we release is $free.99 (which is what we prefer because we LOVE making stuff for all you suckers to watch) but we are jonesing to move on to bigger and better things (do I smell a feature length film?). To do this, we gotsta have dat ca$h, ugh.
BUT DON’T WORRY! We understand stuff about the economy so we won’t bust your bank. For the small price of $34.99, you can own a copy of AMAF.
JOKING!!! AMAF will be only $7 to download your own HD version of the film. Or if you don’t wanna commit you can rent it for $5 for 2 days.
Not bad right??

Just one more thing,
I know some of you guys are wizards at the World Wide Web and know your technology. I am sure there are ways to get around paying this small amount of love, I get it! And I’m sure there are ways to pass your purchased copy along to the world, for sure! SO PLEASE PLEASE YES PLEASE be so kind and just DON’T. It would mean the world to this group of loser artists.

You guys are the best. I can’t tell you how awesome and supportive you all are of our ish. It means so much and helps us to keep on it.

Questions? Concerns? Comments?

Love you all,

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